GCN03211R 32-channel Network Video Recorder GCN03211R 32-channel Network Video Recorder thumbnail picture

GCN03211R 32-channel Network Video Recorder

32 Channel Rack Mount Network Video Recorder

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Ful l range of NVR solutions (8 / 16 / 32 / 64CH). Triplex operations: l ive / recording / playback simultaneously on multiple mega pixel IP cameras. Independent DOM with Windows OS and NVR software for easy and convenient operation even when a Hard disk is damaged or contaminated by viruses. Large storage: max. 4 internal SATA. H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG compression. Remote shutdown. Real-time image and audio recording (up to 64 cameras). Powerful remote management by remote access software and the IE browser. E-mai l for easy navigation between the MAP and the camera group. Drag-n-Drop function for convenience in viewing operation. Smart PTZ function and digital zoom. Support the UPS(optional).

Mickel 22 days ago

I like the green colour, it's very likeabl

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