GCN00911D 9-channel Network Video Recorder GCN00911D 9-channel Network Video Recorder thumbnail picture

GCN00911D 9-channel Network Video Recorder

9 Channel Compact Network Video Recorder

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Fast & easy camera setup and management. Simultaneous live view, recording and playback - Supports up to 9 network cameras. M-JPEG & H.264 video compression. Audio & video recording in synchronization. Recording mode: continuous record or record by schedule /manual. Week days or daily scheduled recording. Continuously recording with automatic overwriting function. Recordings resume after the recovery of power. Supports PPPoE, DHCP and Static IP assignment. Calendar search and video preview before playback. Exports video clips from playback as evidence. Ideal for home security.

Mickel 22 days ago

I like the green colour, it's very likeabl

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